favorite thing about today

     Today we celebrated Jake’s birthday.  We had an action packed Labor Day weekend, complete with boating, sleepovers for the kids with grandparents, donuts, swimming, kneeboarding, and the like.
     But today, topping it all off, we had cake, gifts, a movie at home, and a swim in the pool.  I’ve never heard of a kid having cake and gifts IN a pool, but that is what we did.
     But my very favorite thing about today was Ron’s comment when he got home.  He walked into the sun room and noticed–how nice of him to notice!–dozens of piles of clean and folded laundry, ready to be put away.  He exclaimed, “Katie!  My goodness!  You are amazing!!  Look at all the work you have done for us!  Laundry, a wonderful dinner already made; you’ve home schooled all the kids, straightened the house, and taken care of Annie through it all.  How lucky we all are to have you!!!”  It is small work, and not really a heroic amount of it.  I have done more in a day.  But that was what was so nice: he treated one of my normal day’s work as something to celebrate.  I think that’s how God sees a good day’s work.  I LOVE my husband!!!!