Favorite Moments

1) Every sunset

2) Mary and Jake acting as surrogate parents to Annie, without any prompting at all, whether we are in the pool, on a bus, or in our rooms.  
3) Clare playing with a 3 year old child on campus, Iola, for 9 consecutive hours, acting as an excellent caretaker, and often being selfless and thoughtful.  
4) Getting to finish editing my memoir, “Captivated By Family,” which I might post on this blog soon.   
5) Getting to begin my first real book, “The Metaphysics of Motherhood” which I LOVE and have wanted to do for 10 years but only now have I received Go’s prompting to begin.  
6) Ron firing up the “forno,” the outside pizza oven, and making lunch for us on Sunday.  Others found us, we invited them to join in, and it turned into an all day party.  Some broke out o’hdeurves, others wine, and we talked and laughed all day.  We literally migrated from our lunch table to our dinner table when it was time for dinner!  Now THAT’s a day off!