fartin’ Martin

     We are hosting a weekly homeschool co-op.  A dozen 3rd and 4th graders are in our home every Thursday with 2 teachers.  I spend the day with Annie–it harkens back to having Baby Jake!  I love hosting the co-op.  It is SO GOOD for my kids.
     Well today, a little guy named Martin was there late ’cause his mom was late picking him up.  I put him to work with my kids, cleaning the room and taking down the tables and chairs.  
     While spraying down a table, he says to me, “My nickname is Fartin’ Martin.”  Looking at this thin, pious-looking ten year old, I thought my ears had deceived me.
     “They call me ‘Fartin’ Martin because farting is my hobby.”

I have laughed about that all day long.  Sometimes little joys are so unexpected!