End of the Semester–Could not come Quickly Enough!

   Oh, how happy I am that we made it through the fall semester!  Today we are THROUGH!
   Jake is testing for two schools in January, and so I have worked him like a DOG (which has worked me like a dog) beefing up his spelling, dictations, vocabulary, and grammar.  It was been a wonderful chance, really, to firm up the weak spots.  I am overjoyed about it.  But boy, are we excited about a break!!
    We have also been working so hard on our music.  It is rather magical how much progress we have made!  It is a real high point of our semester.
    I love our homeschool.  It is such a peaceful, joyful place.  If our children are loving and kind, that is because of our homeschool.  Homeschool shapes a different kind of child.  I just love it.  And truly, it is the best work I could do with my life.  I love it.
    I do not know how far we will go; some of our teenagers will probably follow Jake’s footsteps and find another school.  But what does work, works well, and I am so grateful!
   Thank you, Lord, for our life.  It is a treasure to me!