Electoral College

    Jake is in a homeschool co-op.  He was chosen to lead one side of a debate, regarding the pros and cons of the electoral college.  He was chosen to argue for the “cons.”
    He was so well prepared.  I was so proud of him.  His team won, 3.5 to 1.  These sorts of things–reasoning, arguing, support positions–are his gift!  As a “phlegmatic” temperament, he is excellent at researching things, and has the patience to read and read until he’s got the info.  Then with a streak of showmanship and ambition, he can present with passion.  I pray that he finds the right vocation, that can use these gifts for God’s truth!
     Sometimes I wonder if homeschooling is hurting our kids.  I wonder if we are lagging behind.  Recently, more of his friends have been admitted to an excellent private school in the area.  Sometimes I wonder if we are holding him back!  We did not even apply.
     But what I see is that in his current environment, he is excelling.
     Yesterday he and I discussed next year’s schooling.  I told him we need to emphasize spelling and grammar.  An hour later, that idea apparently having churned in his head, he came up with this idea: “Mom, how about I go through one letter of the dictionary per month, and just memorize the whole thing!  It will take 2 years, but let’s do it!”
     Tears almost came to my eyes.  I would pay a thousand dollars (if I had it!) for a child to volunteer for a job like that!  How did he get to be that way?
    Our homeschool is not impressive, compared to well-established schools.  But the school is only as good, in truth, as the kind of student it puts out.  So, our humble school will press on!