Such a magnificent dream–a week ago but still feels an hour old.
     A group of saints, priests and bishops were mingling with me here in TX.  We were laughing, toasting and having a ball, enjoying being together.
     One of them said, “Sure is better to be here in Irving than any place else!”
     Then Fr. P., our parish priest from Virginia said, “But the only problem is that in Irving, the average family size is 12!”  He and the other priests roared laughing at his humor, and I sort of chuckled.
     One of them said to me, “This, Kathryn, is the place for you.  A perfect place to throw down your roots.”
    I woke up so peaceful.  It did not feel at all like one of those strange dreams that comes from the bowels of one’s unconscious.  It felt like God speaking to me.  I have known that He brought Ron, the kids and I here as a divine favor.  Truly, so many answered prayers here.  But there are problems; it is an imperfect community.  And, I just feel awkward being new.
    Having done so much preliminary work of establishing ourselves here, it was such a blessing to feel God’s nudge: “It’s okay, get comfortable.  I WANT you here.”