Day 7!

     I ended the seventh day with wonderful date with my husband.  We went to the Spiral Diner, a vegan restaurant in Oak Cliff.  I am so, so thrilled with how this has gone!  Six and a half pounds in six days–tomorrow the results will be in regarding the seventh–is exactly what I was hoping for!  To survive the seven days while maintaining our homeschool, housekeeping, and routine of life is very, very hard.  I could do the fast without so much challenge if I were by myself.  But with so much work–it was hard!
     Now I am transitioning into a very strict vegan diet, including 2 juices, a smoothie, a vegetable soup and a salad per day.  Zero alcohol and zero sugar.  I plan to do that through April, and see where I am at that point.  I am searching for a plan that I can live with, that gives me enough energy.  All liquid juice and soup with zero carbs is a low-energy day for me.  So I am hoping to transition into something that gives me more sustenance, while is still very “clean.”
     Ron is charging ahead with an anti-cancer program, and all of these changes are compatible with that!  He is not doing vegan eating, but he is drawing closer in that direction.  He is also training for a marathon.  Boy, he is going to be in great shape!
     Hooray!  I made it through Day 7!