Day 69–Book Manuscript Almost Finished

     Reading through the entire, completed manuscript yesterday, I am filled with gratitude that I have gotten to write this book. I know the following reads like a book preface, but this is just sincere gratitude overwhelming me! I am grateful for the opportunity to share my perspective of motherhood in its dignity, power and sacredness. I am grateful to Our Sunday Visitor Press, and specifically Mary Beth Baker, for accepting this manuscript. I am grateful to Susanna VanVickle, who took leadership of Mighty Is Her Call for the better part of 2019, which gave me the opportunity to move to Italy and write this manuscript. I am grateful to my husband, Ron, who has been relentless in his support of me, and even yesterday as I read the manuscript, he washed dishes and and processed laundry, cooked meals and kept kids on task with schoolwork, in addition to his own academic work.
      I am grateful to my mom, who is both featured in the book and who is an avid support of my thesis and undertaking. My mom is the one who coined the phrase, mentioned on the first page of the introduction, that “feminism left behind motherhood” and that it’s time to correct that. I am grateful to her for her willingness to see, explore, learn, and try on new ideas and new perspectives. She is a truly beautiful human being with a deep, rich interior life, always hungry for the truth and knowledge. She is also deeply loving of me and my siblings and exploring our worlds, our thoughts and views. What a blessing her love is!
    I can’t wait to send it, ASAP!