Day 65–Mothers’ Day Gift

      Knowing that I tend to hate Mothers’ Day, knowing that I usually cry and lock myself in a room and ask everyone to leave me alone, Ron and the 6 kids presented me with my Mothers’ Day gift a little early this year: they announced that starting Sunday, they are giving me a week off. They have created a spreadsheet with chores, cooking, and Sebastian responsibilities that I usually take care of throughout the week. They have divided it up using a color-coding system on Excel.
      “Mom, I can’t believe how much you usually do for us!” Leigh said.
      I responded, “That’s precisely why is is the best gift I’ve ever received. You are not only giving me a week off, but will see and appreciate more fully how I seek to love you by doing these things for you.”
      I am so grateful to Ron for organizing such an incredible gift! How blessed I am!