Day 63–Mighty Is Her Call Ball

I am longing to throw another ball in the Reunion Tower! In 2018, the first one was in honor of the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, with mothers as the guests of honor. [scroll to the bottom the page on this link:]

The second one seems desperately needed, to celebrate mothers for heroically sustaining their families all at home during the time of quarantine and shelter in place orders. Mothers have had double triple, or quadruple the work load in the past few months! One friend of mine’s husband works on the front lines, since he is a doctor. She has all 6 of her children schooling at home, as she also cares for her 3 year old. Not a moment to herself–ever. My heart goes out to her and so many mothers who give so much and now have to give so much more–it takes many mothers to the breaking point.

It is time to throw mothers a ball! Lord, help us pull it off!