Day 60–Tears

   Tears are flowing in the Rombs house today! The Italian government changed its mind about loosening the restrictions. They are loosening a few, but not ones that affect our kids (except maybe being able to leave the house beyond 100 meters). The kids had set their hopes on seeing a few friends. But no!
   We had a long talk, spear-headed by Ron, about how Italy is doing the right thing to listen to the health officials, and that you have to feel like you are over-reacting not to under-react.
    In the meantime, I enjoyed several hours of prayer, reading about the Eucharist, and reading the entire book of Exodus in the Bible today. What wild and wooly origins we have! And there were quite a few plagues mentioned–the most famous ones in history. Most people alive today have not suffered from plagues. But it is as basic to human existence as basic gets.
   God, help our world to heal!