Day 55–Hopes Crashing and Rising

   Oh, how hopeful we were that “Phase 2” is beginning on May 3rd! A little freedom to “move about the cabin” is what I was imagining.
   But the Prime Minister has announced the easing restrictions, which does mean some take out food at some restaurants (this past 2 weeks, we’ve had delivery as a possibility but not take out), and some stores opening up.
   But the restrictions are still so strict that I’m not sure anyone but Ron can even go to the campus; you have to have a self-certification form and be wearing a mask. We still cannot leave the region of Lazio.
   Okay, so are there silver linings I’m not seeing? Maybe I can go into Rome just to walk around. Maybe I can take a good job on city streets near our house. Maybe the hardware store or any other store will open (like to get birthday gifts for my kids, etc.).
    Maybe I can do a big photo shoot, and celebrate Phase 2 by walking around and taking photos. That would be a big improvement over the past almost 2 months.
    Can we leave the country? All so hard to figure out.
    Well, here’s hoping to safety, a continued containment and reduction of the virus, and some new freedoms!