Day 23–Becoming a Podcaster

   As the kids did their schoolwork I worked on a video podcast for Mighty Is Her Call. I have been trying to pull this off for TWO WEEKS. It is much, much harder than it seems!! I wanted to share messages of encouragement for mothers struggling with all the things I too have been going through during this pandemic. But goodness-gracious, it is incredibly hard to produce a good quality podcast, hit the right tone, and have a concise message that is neither boring and what everyone already knows, nor so “know it all” that it seems condescending (which I do not mean in my heart, but offering a podcast does set up that kind of dynamic, I have realized). I have bought equipment, work on a little staging, and Jacob made me a graphic. I have written, filmed, scrapped it; re-written, filmed, and scrapped it again, multiple times. I have prayed, begged for inspiration, asked friends for advise, asked my kids for consolation, prayed some more, and given my all to this undertaking.
    I have ended this day, knowing that the 5 minute clip I worked for 8 hours on is worthy of the little trash icon on the bottom right of my computer screen. But I do not despair: every good podcaster had to learn how to podcast, and had to put in many hours refining his or her work. So, I know that this is just a part of the undertaking.
    I had originally wanted to create a video podcast about motherhood in general, but when the pandemic hit, I shifted my interest to doing something for Mighty Is Her Call.
   When this MIHC podcast series is over (and it may not happen at all), I will resume my efforts for my own podcast. I am sure everything I am learning now will be helpful to that end.
    Who knows if I will post anything for MIHC. Only God knows! As Ron says, “Apparently you have about 12-18 months to produce something to your liking!” Sad but true.