Day 22–Peace

   Where does peace come from? In this epidemic-quarantine, I have come to believe that the first step toward peace is seeing a purpose for the crisis. For me, this is love, specifically in our family having this time to be together before the older ones leave for good. I have spent so many years pulling us together; it is nice to have this slo-mo sequence of being together before the party ends.
   The second step is generosity, acts of service. How many thousands of ways can we do that when quarantined at home? Cooking a nice meal, cleaning a stinky bathroom, helping with homework.
   The third step is humility, knowing that we just don’t know what is happening, how long this is going to last, and what life is going to look like “on the other side.” Humility is medicine for the heart and relieves so many burdens.
   The last step is rejoicing and delighting. I delighted today in helping Mary with her philosophy homework, teaching her Aristotle. I delighted in cannelloni with fresh pecora ricotta. I delighted in the rain that fell lightly on the trees outside our window. I delighted in Sebastian’s laugh and his hugs.
   In the big picture, my peace mainly comes from having one foot beyond this life, an identity in God. “He is kept in perfect peace whose mind is kept on Him” (Is. 26:3).