Day 19–Beautiful Mess

We are having a peaceful Monday. Kids are doing schoolwork online, Annie is planting apple seeds from her apple outside; Ron is working and playing guitar during his breaks; I am about to make homemade bread, sea bass in parchment, and cannelloni (inspired by Uncle David who asked me if the cannelloni is good over here).

Here is such a sweet letter, google translated, sent by the priests of our high school to our kids. It brings tears to my eyes that the high schoolers’ “beautiful mess” gives the priests a joy that is the reason for their being! I love these priests.

Dear Students, 

Through these few simple lines, our fraternal greeting reaches each and every one of you and your families.

For almost two weeks we have been in this very particular situation. Necessarily our lives are crossed by a sort of “Copernican revolution”: a distortion of existences such as to find ourselves “barricaded” in our homes. Faced with this shocking moment, we try, as children of Don Bosco, to look at everything with hope, with that healthy optimism that makes us go forward together, towards that holiness that can now be realized in each of us right where we are!

The corridors and classrooms of our school, the fields and environments of our community, live that unusual silence that is not comparable to the silence that we would sometimes like to find in moments of particular trouble. it is too empty a silence: we miss you. At the same time, it is a rich silence, because inhabited by the living God that opens us to the hope of hearing once again and soon your “beautiful mess” that fills us with joy! That joy that gives meaning to our being consecrated to God with the heart and style of Don Bosco.
Everything shivers for your waiting and your return will finally be a new spring, a new season, which will no longer leave room for the tormented winter time we are experiencing.

Right now what we don’t want is that you feel alone! For this reason, if you need it, do not hesitate to contact us as you did at school. Not only do you not disturb us, but we are pleased!

 A big hug!
Don Marco and Don Francesco