Day 17–Can’t Believe It

   It’s all so hard to believe! The highest number of deaths in Italy yet yesterday, 627. Hospitals in the north are overrun, and they are no longer counting the dead (so this number is not correct).

    Five reasons I am happy to be in Italy during this crisis:
1. Their lockdown has the hope of being effective. Things happening in the US like takeout food from restaurants and gatherings of 10 people seem scary to me at this point. If the cook in the restaurant kitchen or the person standing next to you in a gathering has COVID-19 and is asymptomatic, then BAM, you’ve got it. And you won’t even know for 14 days. Italy is about to close down public transportation and eliminate all public outings (like jogging) and I think mostly that is a good thing.
2. No handguns.
3. No tendency to have a run on the food supply.
4.  96% of Italians are supportive of the measures Italy is taking. It took a while, but it now makes sense. So, people’s attitude is cooperative and generally pleasant.
5. I get to be in ITALY!