Day 14–Healthy!

   We made it–all 8 of us have been quarantined for 14 days, the incubation period as stated so far by the medical community. While we realize that such a period is only a guess and is not absolute fact, our family is rejoicing that we have made it for these 2 weeks without symptoms. And so, if any of us has it, we are not symptomatic and apparently can make it through without threat to our health. We are so grateful for our health!
   We have also met the 2-week period since schools closed. Some kids feel like it was an eternity ago, and 2 weeks sounds too short. We also heard that the Prime Minister is extending the quarantine in Italy beyond April 3 indefinitely. There are huge spikes in deaths each day, and the contagion is spreading to southern Italy. We are nowhere near relief. I am praying we can make it without other sicknesses, need for a hospital or even a doctor. I also have a hard time imagining doing this indefinitely. But day by day is all one can ask of oneself!
    Delighting my day is my daughters breaking out paints and pencils and undertaking new art projects. They are also enjoying each other’s company and the general mood is really happy. Their online school work takes them less time than the typical school day, and so they are enjoying the nice weather, the chance to play guitar, exercise and relax. What a strange time! It’s hard to know how to be. When I relax, I often think, “I should be worried about all the people dying right now!” Then when I worry, I think, “I should relax and enjoy this time!” Through the confusion I am reminded that I am a child of God, participating in the eternal life of God, that my citizenship is in heaven, and so “I am content in all things” (Philippians 4).