Day 12–Dance Party

     In the morning, I spent several hours in prayer and reading the Bible. It was truly wonderful. The kids did virtual schoolwork and Ron prepared his lectures. Classical guitar scales and etudes filled the house. I prepared Thai food: chicken curry with basmati rice. We have not had Thai food since we arrived in Italy so that was a mood-boost. Around dinner time, we played fun music and danced in the living room. Clare wins today’s award for being the person in the highest spirits.
     After the little kids went to bed, we watched Contagion, a movie from ten years ago about a pandemic. It was cathartic to watch and put into perspective some of what we are going through.
   The hard thing right now is that it all started off as a short-term concept, something we imagined was not very deadly and if we quarantined, might be contained in Italy by summer. But the death rate is incredibly high in Italy, about 7%, and much higher if you calculate the “recovered” to “dead” numbers (rather than the confirmed cases to dead numbers). We are watching the curve, and it is indeed tapering off a little, which is a sign that our radical quarantine is working. But it is hard to imagine that it will not be prolonged. How long can we do this?
   God alone knows, and He can bring any good out of a situation. We are leaning into God’s grace to bring wondrous miracles to our family, loved ones, and the poor and those in ill-health who will be hardest hit by the virus. Lord, we love and trust you!