Day 10–Retreat

    Day 10 of our coronavirus quarantine began with learning that we cannot now go to campus, because educational employment is no longer considered an acceptable reason to be out. We also heard about regional airport closures (smaller airports). It is hard to process how the economy can sustain this kind of shutdown. For now, we are truly locked in at home except to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, and those only with our self-certification form and government documents on us. But I did learn that the fine for a breach is only 206 euros, which is less than I originally heard.
    I approached the day like a monastic retreat. I love to go on retreat to a monastery like Christ in the Desert or Gethsemane. The kids slept incredibly late–Leigh woke up at 1:30 pm and said she got 13.5 hours of sleep. Incredible! That was similar for the other kids as well. I used the time reading my Bible and praying. Then I went on a long walk around this property, which I had not fully explored before. Then I exercised and then made pasta carbonara for the family. The kids played lots of guitar and their spirits were very high. Clare, in particular, was in a bright and happy mood, and Jacob seems to be really enjoying not going to school but working from home. He is reading a book, playing guitar, and working out. That’s a pretty nice life!