darn ego!

     When events are turbulent, here is my guidepost for navigating life: “. . . and to receive from the hands of God, with peace of mind and thanksgiving, the things which are displeasing to self-love.”  (Alphonsus of Liguori, Attaining Salvation, p. 14).  
     So many of the pains of life are really pains against my ego.  That darn ego!  It is following me everywhere like a gnat in my ear!
     For example, I spoke to someone, and he corrected me.  It offended me, because he was wrong.  Then I noticed that it was my ego that felt the pain, not “me” deep down.  The real “me” is just interested in the truth–if someone is wrong, then I can correct him or just let it go, since I’ve got the truth straight in my own head.  But there I was, incensed, that he was accusing me falsely!
    Here Alphonsus’ words apply: “Accept with peace and thanksgiving anything that is displeasing to self-love.”  Accepting it with thanks is what “neutralizes” the event and reduces my ego.  No, it is not gone, but it shrunk and is set aside.
    Help me, Jesus, to become humble!  Help my false ego, my vanity, to die!