Crazy Insight

     Perhaps this sounds crazy, but it is exactly what happened.
     I was reflecting and praying yesterday about something troubling me–something that needs fixing, that is not right, that is unresolved.
     I looked to God and said, “Can you fix this?  What is the answer?”
     All of a sudden it occurred to me: “That is your cross right now.  The cross is your answer.”
     For a moment I protested: “No!  It is not right, and so needs a real solution to make the problem go away!”
    But then I realized: “The cross is where we find God.  So let the problem that needs fixing be your greatest friend, that ushers you into the presence of God.  Embrace the problem, and embrace the cross. That is the solution.”

     When I am certain I need a worldly solution, this insight makes me feel crazy.  It is like the wind that is making a boat sail suddenly ceasing: I am stopped short.

     But then I can “tack,” change angles, and suddenly find myself in love with God, in love with Christ and His Cross, and in love with whatever He has for me, since He is there.