Contemplating today. . .

. . . the mystery that a God who is completely unknowable to human beings chose to be known anyway.  And when He chose to be known, He did so:
1) in flesh
2) in darkness
3) in death
4) in being a servant

The best way of finding God, then, is through our weaknesses, deaths, and in becoming servants.  We must embrace the losses, the ruins, the failures, the humiliations, the disappointments, the sicknesses, the death!  We must find ways to become servants–more and more ways; new levels of servanthood.  We must go lower and lower.  It is not just a matter of becoming okay with our losses.  It is a matter of rejoicing in them.  They are the portals to heaven.
     It is as though our lives are one constant hitting against a brick wall.  We are trying to become important to the people that matter to us, we are trying to achieve success, we are trying to secure comfort and avoid pain.  But we are constantly falling short of these goals.  These goals are mirages, like lovely pictures painted on a wall.  We strive after them with all our might, and when we arrive, rather than entering the scene, we just bruise our noses on the bricks.  How do we find the escape tunnels through the wall?  When we find a disappointment or a loss, and seek the Cross there, when we really desire union with Christ Crucified and thus embrace the loss with all our might, we get through the brick wall, and find the hidden pathway to God.
     Ah!  That people could find this peace!  I wish I could bottle it up and give it to all the ones I know and love.  I wish I could give it to everyone.