Competing for Acidophilus

   We had a math drill today–Leigh and Clare were seeing who would be the first to shout out the right answer to “rounding to the nearest thousand” questions.  We had just eaten lunch, and they were all at the kitchen counter.  I was passing out vitamins.  I think the chewable acidophilus ones taste good.  So I said, “Let’s compete for your acidophilus!”  They laughed, thinking that was ridiculous.
    But then Clare, of course, decided that she “hates” the acidophilus.  So she did not want to earn them.  She laughed all the way through the drill.  Whenever Leigh would get the right answer, I’d give Leigh an acidophilus, and she’d squeal, “Hooray!”  But when Clare would get the right answer, she’s shout, “Hooray!” for getting it right, but then shout, “Booo!” when I’d give her the acidophilus.  Jake and Mary and Leigh and I laughed and laughed.  It was all so absurd.
    Then I told Annie, “Eat your spinach, so as to earn your shake!”  It is a vegetable juice shake.  Poor things.