Clare’s Job When She Grows Up

   Clare and I have figured out what she is going to be when she grows up!  It is so precious.  She has decided that she would like to live on a farm and raise animals.  In so doing, she would like to use the masters degree in either child psychology or speech therapy that she would have earned, to take in several children at a time and help them learn behavioral or speech skills.  On the farm, she will have them tend to the animals, as well as cook, using these jobs as the environment in which she will help  reform their behavior and/or other issues.  She might take in several children at a time, or even have a summer camp for special needs.
     One reason why this is so exciting to her is the idea of spending her life with animals.  She is just made to be with them.
     Another reason is that she is a born “first child.”  She loves to be in charge.  She loves to tell people what to do!  Being the third child in our family is the bane of her existence!  Having learned professional skills at how to HELP people by coaching them with professional know-how, I think she would be able to use this part of her personality, and have the gratification of helping people.
     I am so excited for her!  We talk about it a lot.  She is beaming with delight over her vision!