Clare’s Gummy Bears

     Clare had started to argue with her siblings.  She simply hates being crammed into a dorm room for 3 people, but is actually packed with 5 (unfortunate rooming situation).  Someone is always touching her, stepping on her pillow, snoring in her ear, walking in on her when she is changing.  Oh, the groaning, grunting and tirades!  Her little sensory processing disorder is getting a run for its money!
     So I said, “Clare, time to start using our house rule.  When you are frustrated, instead of grunting or groaning, you should say, ‘May we please discuss this?'”  I told all the kids the same thing, that it was time to go cold turkey on bickering.  I pulled out a package of gummy bears (we NEVER have those) and said, “Anyone who asks our magic question gets a gummy bear.  Clare, how about you be in charge of the bag?  Whenever you or someone else uses it, you hand them a gummy bear.”
    Little Clare walked around ALL DAY with a white canvas bag loaded with gummy bears draped over her shoulder.  There were lots of magic questions floating around that day!