Clare’s Evaluation

     Clare and I have been at an evaluation center several times this week, testing her for learning differences such as dyslexia, as well as spectrum issues, including asbergers (no longer in the DSM as an official diagnosis) and autism.
      I am overjoyed to report that she has no signs at all of being on the spectrum!  I am so, so happy!  She has some behaviors that could be, but that could be explained in other ways.  But the clinician said that she shows signs that are the exact opposite of autism, that are mutually exclusive with autism (concern for other people’s feelings, awareness of their difference from you, being able to say the same thing multiple ways, significant levels of self-awareness and introspection, etc.).
     Driving home, I explained to Clare: “The clinician found that you are an A++ in being able to be a good friend to other people!”  Clare beamed.  We then spent the next half hour talking about making friends, and whom she might want to seek out.  Oh, the relief.  It was such a good talk.
     This has been a very positive experience.  She is taking away from it that she is normal, that she is capable of great relationships, that her siblings make her mad but that is normal, and that she has some learning differences but that that has no bearing on her intelligence.  So she, her teachers and I are now equipped to deal with her differences and odd, off-beat way with new eyes and better skills.  Yes, she is unusual in how she learns and how her brain works.  We will meet with the clinician to talk about next steps.  But overall, it seems manageable, and I am so, so grateful!