What I loved most about Christmas. . .

1) Midnight Mass at our new parish–so beautiful I wanted to weep!
2) A party after Mass–1 AM!  Such fun!
3) Clare being giddy and joyful all day–such a change in her life!
4) Leigh having a gingerbread party with her friends last week, a family party on the 4th Sunday of Advent, and then a joyful birthday today!
5) Ron and I having such a blessed marriage.  What a GIFT!
6) The kids all loving going to so many Masses and saying so many prayers all week–they know the meaning of Christmas and love it.
7) The kids never complaining, fighting or being otherwise pouty about gifts–they do not expect much.
8) Annie leaning over during the caroling before Midnight Mass and saying loud enough for the whole church to hear: “I love you, Mom!” and then, “I love you, Dad!”
9) Annie clomping around all day in her new boots.
10) Asking the kids what they most wanted me to cook for Christmas dinner, and their response: broccoli, corn and artichokes.  Vegetables!

     What a blessing Christmas is to me!  I love Jesus, God WITH US!!