Cashing in Points

I can now zoom through razor-thin lanes and not even hold my breath as I pass cars. 

I can understand the basic gist of most conversations and news reports on the radio. 

I already alerted our landlord that we will want the heat turned on soon, since I know it takes 2 weeks to get that to happen. 

I got our family enrolled in the medical system–a HUGE feat. Now we are assigned doctors in Frascati and we won’t even have to pay to get check ups and medical attention. 

But the real turning point, the moment at which I realized I am really acting like a local, was cashing in my points at the grocery store. I had used a shoppers’ card for the past year and the lady at the checkout station told me I was eligible to receive free groceries next time I went through the line. So I went back and sure enough, I explained to the clerk that I had points and was ready to cash them in (“scalare i punti“). The guy accepted that, checked me out, and I got 60 euros worth of free groceries. I went home and marveled. 

I am really settling in.