Called to Love

     A man who is very big in the Catholic publishing world came to our home and visited with Ron and me.  He was giving us advise on possible projects.
     When I explained to him my idea for a book on the importance of motherhood and its worthiness as a whole life’s vocation, and that I imagined it being published through the Image Books division of Random House in NYC, he said, “Oh, that is perfect!”  He kept repeating it, “Yes, that is the right publisher.”  And, “Yes, that is an excellent project.”
     He said things like, “The religious section at Barnes and Noble is populated with women customers, and yet there are so few books on women and by women.  Yes, your book will surely make a buck.  Yes, that is an outstanding project.”
     But I have had a strange reaction since that meeting.  I do not feel called to a public life, in which I would need to promote such a book.  Some people are called to a public life, and I think that is important.  For example, a person might have a calling to be an evangelist, a preacher, a servant of the poor, an actor, or an athlete–all of these jobs could be very glorifying to God.  And they would or could be public.
    But my call is not to evangelism or teaching or any of the above vocations.  My calling is to love.  The main person I am called to love is God.
    Why did God make the world?  He made it so that the world might love Him.
    But a lot of people do not love him.
    I want to be part of the world that is actively, all day long, LOVING GOD.
    One way to love God is through a prayer in my heart.
    Another way to love God is to love the people in my life.  I love God through loving them.  
    That is why being a wife and mother is so rich and powerful: it is fulfilling the purpose of the created UNIVERSE in your all-day-every-day existence.
   So for now, anything I write will be private, and not published.  I will obey my instructions from God: LOVE.  Don’t evangelize or teach or fix or solve.  Rather, LOVE.