Brains Wake Up!

   I was so tired today.  I had to push myself through home school.  We had been at UTD last night, Ron and I giving a presentation on Catholic Family Life to the Catholic student group on that campus.  We brought all our kids.  We all had a blast!  But we paid for it today.
   So we were dragging through the day.
   But then we did medieval history.  We had already begun Mohammed, certainly fitting for medieval history.  We continued with his story today–after his flight to Medina, the formation of the Koran, and the beginning of the Muslim military struggle with Mecca.  Mohammed won.
   So the kids and I got into a long discussion about Muslims.  We talked about current events, and how some of them trace back to this very story about Mecca.
   I could practically see five little lights get ignited in their five little brains.  Even Annie made us all go to the world map, and she showed us Afghanistan–almost correctly, I might add!
   It was strange: it was such a genuine engagement of their minds–all off the cuff, and I had already quit an hour before we began.
   Home schooling is just an unbelievable environment: the chance to catch fire, intellectually, spiritually, and personally, whenever you are least expecting it.