Book. . . What book?

    It is so funny. . . my friend/editor saw me recently, and mentioned the book I am writing and she is editing.  She asked me about the number of chapters I plan to write.  I got confused as to how many I have even written so far.  I thought that was sort of funny–not even to know.
    But then, even funnier: I was just looking for the document on my computer and I cannot even find it!!!  I am sure it is there somewhere.  But goodness, what a low priority!!
    What is a HIGH priority for me is: hearing about my children’s days, hearing about their friends, hearing about their schoolwork; making meals as wonderfully as I can; making the most of these last five years that I have with all of my children home.  Jacob will graduate and go to college in 5 short years, and I am making the most of this time!