Bonding with Kids

We move to Italy in 12 days–the first group of us does, that is.  The number of things we still have to do and the number of challenges that unexpectedly arise are astonishing.  I have found myself plowing through days like an ox tilling a field.  I hardly even look up and notice the people around me (my children, mainly) unless they happen to annoy me. 🙂
In Mass a few days ago, I was praying about my frantic soul.  It suddenly came to me.  Stop and look your children in the eye.  Tell them how special they are to you.  Take one or two of them out, just one on one.  Think of some way to compliment them.  Do not get upset whey their dye the tips of their hair pink (I’m not kidding about that, either).

A few days later of trying to implement this new plan, I heard laughter.  Four of my older kids were talking in the kitchen and laughing hysterically.  I realized, “We have a happy home.”  Nothing is more important to me in this lifetime.