Bliss at the Trevi

Bliss at the Trevi

   My good, good husband offered to stay home this weekend with our two youngest kids and our dog, while I went into Rome with our oldest girls plus one of their friends. Rome is on a “fire sale,” with rock-bottom deals on hotels and such, since there is no one there. So we found an apartment on the piazza of the Trevi fountain–I mean, overlooking the fountain, for the price of a room at a La Quinta. 

   I insisted to the girls that I would be working the whole time getting my book edits finished. They were happy as clams with that, having a slumber party with a friend and singing late into the night. In the day, Clare had her electric guitar lesson (cooler than cool, right?!), while the others milled about Rome. We found a gorgeous little lunch place, Spaghetteria l’Archetto, and ate one meal together. 

I went really nuts over this bruschetta con carciofi, I almost ordered 5 more. 

 Other than that meal, I did not really see the girls until Sunday Mass–the first Sunday of Advent, my favorite! This little church right on the piazza of the Trevi fountain was so adorable. And they had a chapel devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, whom I have just included in my book. 

   Sitting at the little table of this humble (but well located) apartment late on Saturday night, eating peccorino and salami with some roasted chestnuts, drinking frizzante and a little Barbara d’Alba, listening to the rush of the fountain as I worked on my manuscript, I thought, “I don’t have enough human gratitude in my heart for my husband who made this possible and nor for God who designed this night from before the beginning of time.” Then I muttered, “Lord, thank you, thank you.”