Black Monday

     The day we heard our priest is leaving our parish was our Black Monday!  So sad!  We were down in the mouth; our kids were in tears; it is a real loss for our family.  Fr. J. spoke directly to us–to Ron in particular.  Ron has lost his mom, and suffered other personal losses this past year.  That caused some pain in his spiritual life.  Fr. J. knew how to cut right to whatever barriers there are in your heart, and speak to what to do about it.  In the four short months of Fr. J. being our priest, there was a huge transformation in Ron.  Speaking for myself, I too felt that every homily, every word of counsel, was exactly what I needed to hear.  It was like having been in a wasteland, and discovering an oasis.  Spiritually, we found nourishment and repose for a short time.
     As much as I have not wanted to lose him as our priest, I have strongly desired what is best for Fr. J., and so am happy if he needs to move on.  As for my personal loss, I was praying about it.  I felt God say to me: “Yes, you found support in your church for a short time.  But it is I who truly supports you.  Do not look only to your church, look primarily to Me.”  God is calling me into closer communion with Him, and this can happen in times of plenty and in times of famine, in times of comfort and in times of trial.  God is “Immanuel”: He is “with us.”  Even on the blackest of days!