Best Thing About Christmas

My favorite thing about Christmas this year was that I just let many things be imperfect.  I handled everything with the attitude that the only perfection I required of myself was to praise God for being born a human baby, for His Incarnation.  Everything else could go.  There were lots of imperfections, like not having the right gifts, or any gifts, for some people, looking terrible on Christmas when people cam over, and not having a birthday cake for Leigh.  I just decided to let my imperfections be a gift to other people, letting them see how much better they are doing than me!  
It was a liberating attitude, and I felt good about the sacredness of our day.  God filled in the gaps.  Two people brought over cupcakes, which served well as Leigh’s cake!  She loved her birthday this year.  Amazing how it all worked out.  Jesus and is continued Incarnation in our lives is truly the real gift!!