Being Helped

     It was Sunday morning.  We went to Mass.  Having had a rough start, I prayed: “Lord, I am a mess. Please give me what I need.  I do not even know what it is–I am so empty.  I’ve got nothing good.  Please fill me with the good things that I need to recover.”
      I had complete faith that the Mass is so powerful, that through it God would give me all the gifts i needed.
     I also had total confidence because several very special people were praying for me.  I had written and asked for their prayers.  They are women of God, incredibly strong in their faith and powerful in their intercession.  In my heart I just leaned hard on them, knowing that they would see me out of this tailspin.
     Sure enough, toward the end of Mass, I asked a question: “Where are the problems with Ron coming from?”  Immediately, an answer came to mind.  I asked again, checking about the answer.  it came again.  A bit later, I asked one more question: “Can I make this summer program work?  Can I pull myself together and be a friendly part of the program, or am I going to ruin it?”
     God’s response, I felt, was: “Ask me for what you want.  Ask me a favor.”
     So I did: “Please give us all the grace to have Your joy: let us be like the Early Church–communally-minded, joyful, living in the Spirit of God.”
     He said: “Done.”
     So I left church so peaceful, confident that a) I could now address the source of the problem, and b) that God would help me, supplying for me what I did not have, to make the group dynamics pleasing to God and enjoyable for us all.  I prayed that through that, God would minister to those who were not yet right with God, and that all of the students and staff would be encouraged in their walk with God through His gift.
     Well, it all just turned around from the moment we walked out the church door.  Ron and I got to a nice strong place that afternoon.  Then he said, “Let’s re-do your birthday!”  So we went into Rome, and he and the kids picked out a really nice gift for me.  We walked all over town and had a lovely day!
    As our ship righted itself, I felt so dependent.  I felt so helpless.  I was acutely aware of the fact that I could not help myself out of the problems that had arisen.  But as it turns out, God HELPS!  And prayerful friends HELP!  And a husband and children redoing what needs redoing HELPS!
     It is humbling to be helped–I am so grateful!!