Being 10 months pregnant!

     A mom turns 9 months pregnant at 36 weeks (9×4=36).  So in fact, the 40 weeks of pregnancy takes us to 10 months: one turns 10 months on one’s due date.  Goodness!  I am only a few days away from being 10 months!  The due date is Aug. 7th.

As they say in French, “Quelle Enorme!!”  (how enormous!)
Ron says I look like a skinny girl with a watermelon under her shirt (he’s just earning points regarding the skinny girl comment)
Had to get my hair done before the baby comes. 
And I’m getting lots of rest–10-12 hrs. per night, seeing as how I will be lucky to get 4 hours in a row for the next 6-12 months. 🙁
I am also getting lots of iron and vitamins. 
We made an emergency run to Red Lobster yesterday.  I was about to die of hunger.  
Today I loaded the kitchen with groceries, cooked two days worth of food, and got in the pool and scrubbed the tiles since their needing that was really bothering me and I know I won’t be able to do that for a long time.  
And I replaced all the gross, old linens in the house.  
Now it’s time for me to do my nails.  I can’t reach my toes–will have to get the girls to do them! 
Little Sebastian, I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!