Beginning Adolescence

    While I am not really enjoying this time of our family being apart, I must say that a silver lining is all the time I am getting with Jacob.  This year was his transformation year: getting braces, being accepted into school, voice changing.  Adolescence, here we are.
   He and I have so much time to talk, every day.  He tells me all about each day of summer school, how he is feeling, what he is thinking.  We really talk.  I cannot imagine a better foundation being laid for his upcoming year, starting school and me having a new baby.  A lot is about to change.  It is so remarkable that he and I have this time to establish a really honest rapport, so that he can talk through whatever he needs to.  Yesterday he was telling me about the boys who use bad language.  We also saw a movie rated PG, but we wound up discussing the inappropriate scenes. He really seems to WANT to discuss these things, to be extra clear about his personal opinion or stance on these matters.  I just love it.  I am so glad he wants to talk.  I am so glad he listens.  This time is creating a pattern that, even if deviated from, we can always go back to.  Perhaps in the long run, this lonely month will have been worth it ten times over.