Another Lockdown

In response to the new “UK” variant of Covid, that is more contagious and even more deadly, Europe is locking down, and Italy is no exception. All schools went back online, including the youngest grades. One year after the first lockdown, we are still in lockdown! 

One perk about this very hard situation is we have so much time together. Just yesterday, Clare and I chitchatted over our morning coffee, laughing about memories, including Leigh at age 6 having 2 “goose eggs” at the same time, one on each side of her forehead. Poor girl! Clare and I talked about all sorts of things and honestly, I wouldn’t give anything for that morning. 

Another perk is all the time I have for reading theology. Now that classes are online, all my time commuting into Rome I can now dedicate to study. I’ve plunged into ancient Greek, Acts of the Apostles, Eschatology, History of the Early Church, and the Trinity. It is transforming me in ways I don’t think I even understand. I am so grateful for this opportunity to study and for this time with my family.