Angels Watching Over Me

   So I was driving down the street, and my radio was on.  I was singing and enjoying the ride.  For some crazy reason, I thought, “Turn the radio off immediately.”  So, thinking it a strange thought, I did.  Well, I could hear this “Rat-a-tat-tat” noise.  So I pulled over.  I could not see any flat tires.  So I kept driving.  But I could still hear it.  So I pulled into a gas station.  The air pump was broken.  I pulled into a tire shop.  They were closed.  I pulled into a third tires shop.  Look what they found!

     A HUGE screw in the tire!  The guy said it was just minutes away from the whole tire bursting.  
Can you believe I avoided a flat on the highway??  Instead, I peacefully drove into a tire shop and paid a measely $5 to patch the tire.  A flat would have cost me big bucks and an hour of intense stress, redirecting traffic on the interstate.  
     Why, I ask you, did I even turn that radio off?  There was no good reason.  I am positive it was my guardian angel!  Mine is so vigilant–I am so grateful!