A privilege

   Up all night–three hours straight of a fussy baby.  Maybe he is a little sick, as I was sick this weekend.  Maybe he is sore and uncomfortable from all the doctors have done to him.  Maybe he is just–a newborn.
    Then in the daytime, the girls need me to help them go through their new books and make a plan for school this year.  Annie needs attention–her “phase in” of 2 hours of school a day for the first week is making her feel deprived of real school, while the other kids are doing a full day of school.  So Annie is high strung.  Everyone needs so much.  It is hard to attend to it all on, perhaps, 5 hours of sleep?
     But really, it is all a tremendous privilege.  I get to care for this little, tiny guy.  I get to homeschool my girls.  I get to talk about school with Jake when he gets home.  I get to have a house brimming with life and singing and skipping and games and cooking and discussion.  We are having the time of our life.
   I just have to remember that at 4 AM!