A Prayer for Mothers’ Day

    Lord, thank you for this celebration of mothers.

    Thank you for my own mom, who is a treasure and who has blessed me in unspeakable ways.  Imagine, a woman bringing me into this world!  Raising me up, from my tiniest infancy!  Holding me, feeding me, attending to me as I took my first steps!  Waking up with me in the night!  Thank you, Lord, that she loves me so much.  I owe her my life. 
    Thank you, also, for my getting to be a mother.  Thank you for the opportunity that not all women share and thus is a true privilege, to participate in the creation of another human being.  Thank you for the chance to love someone as deeply and as purely as I do my own children.  Thank you for the chance to give myself as a complete gift to someone else–the only way to be truly happy.  Thank you for this role that helps my children become all they can be, and helps me be refined and made a better person.  Thank you for this life of building a civilization of love.  
     Together, with other mothers, may we raise up the next generation of humanity–with its saints, popes, priests, artists, workers for social justice, educators, and all the faithful who sanctify the world to God through their daily lives–with the best that we have.  Bless our meager efforts, have mercy on us in our failings, and making holy our hidden domestic ways for the salvation of the world.