A New View of Lent

 Reading Fr. Roch’s Jesus Christ: Fundamentals of Christology, I was struck by his exposition on Jesus’ temptation in the desert. 

“[The] one great temptation Jesus faced during his public ministry [was] to become a Messiah who fulfills the expectations of the people” (p. 98). 

This is the focus of my Lent this year, as we imitate Christ in the desert: enjoying the freedom in Christ to be exactly who God calls me to be. 

It is also going to be very desert-like in this home! Everyone has taken on extreme penances: we are going completely alcohol-free; Ron is fasting every other day (wowzers); Annie is eating only 2 meals a day; Leigh is giving up all sweets and large portions. Clare? Giving up all but 1 cup of coffee and all beverages but water. Sebastian?? Gum. 🙂