A New Birth

   Today I read: “God in his great mercy has given us a new birth.” (1 Peter 1:3)   Oh, what joy for this new birth!  He has, mercifully, given us fresh, new life.  he has given us membership in his DIVINE family.  Oh, what joy!!!!!
    Today is Granny Ruth’s birthday.  I give great thanks for the many ways in which she taught me that I am loved, and for the safe haven that she was to me in dark times.
    I also pray for the resolution of the issues between her and her children, and anyone with whom there were conflicts.  I pray that they would find comfort in these words from 1 Peter, that our ultimate life, comfort and identity is in our NEW birth, and that our heavenly parent teaches us how to love and forgive our earthly parents–and APPRECIATE them in every way that we can.
     How rich–intellectually and emotionally advanced–our faith is!