A Joyful May

    I have just completed my homeschool year.  The big news is that all four girls are going to school next year.  So at least for the time being, my tenure as a homeschool teacher is complete!
    Sadness overcame be about that for a short time.  But Jacob and Ron talked me to of it, saying that I have done something wonderful for each of these children.  They have a genuine engagement with education, a love for learning, and a confidence in their ability to conquer anything.  So, when the do go to school, they have what most teachers can’t give them.  So, I am grateful and happy about our time homeschooling–of which there might be more time, just around the corner.
     I have completed four chapters plus the introduction to my book on Catholic motherhood.  I love, love, love these chapters!  David Letterman gave advise to Jerry Seinfeld as Seinfeld was just starting out: if you fail, be sure to do what you really wanted to do.  Now that’s good advise!  So I’m writing my heart out.  If I fail, I will have written what I really wanted to say!
     Sebastian is nine months old.  He is happy, fat and adorable.  We are all thriving.  I’d say that things are better than I could have imagined!