A Happy Flight!

     Sebastian, Jacob and I flew to Rome after Ron and the girls, due to Jake’s late graduation date.  I was a bit nervous about how Sebastian, as a strong-willed two year old, prone to all-out temper tantrums, would do on the plane.
      But I had no reason to fear.  In the airport, he courted a group of college students from OU.  They nicknamed him “Sebo-Soggy-Socks-Sebastian” since he spilled Odwalla Blueberry drink on his socks.  Here he is at the gate with his entourage!

Here he is with his Odwalla drink.

Honestly, apart from a few minutes of crying on the plane, he did really well.

One trick was that I brought a full-sized bed pillow from home, and lay it across his seat.  It functioned as a little mattress for him, which probably made things much more comfortable.

Another “trick” was prayer: I prayed a slew of very specific prayers.  It was amazing how many of them were answered!  For example, I prayed that the people around us would be understanding of him.  As it turned out, the OU students were surrounding us!  For such a huge plane, that seemed no coincidence.  An answer to prayer.  Another prayer I prayed was good flight attendants that were sympathetic of children.  Our flight attendants whispered when he was asleep, and gave us extra drinks and supplies.  Very thoughtful! 
I thank God for our happy flight!