A Godly Game of Scrabble

    Tonight we had game night, with our delightful Aunt June as the guest of honor.  Aunt June is a Christian writer, radio personality and speaker, singly focused on spreading the Good News in every way possible. 
     Well tonight, she joined us for game night and we played Scrabble.  At one point during the game, here is a picture of the board:

          At the top, as you can see, is the word, “Godly,” which was my play.  I got 12 points for it. 
     Then Aunt June played, “Fag,” which you can also see at the top.  She got 21 points for that word! 
     The eldest, age 10, said: “What does ‘Fag’ mean?”
     Oh, the conversation that ensued. . . it went on and on, from a basic explanation of the meaning of the word, to plumbing the depths of the upcoming elections. 
     A Scrabble Board: $15.  A night with Aunt June: priceless!