A Blessed Feast

   Easter Sunday–our first time to celebrate it in the house we now live in (since we are often out of town on Easter) and our last as a complete family living under our roof.  Next year, we will be in Rome, and the following, Jacob goes to college.  The year after that, Mary goes to college.  So, it was poignant to be together and do it right.
    Doing it right means roasting a leg of lamb, rack of lamb, potatoes, and greens, alongside gravy, mushroom and almond quinoa pilaf, spiral ham, and mint jelly.  It means cheesecake, brownies, cookies, and homemade tapioca with strawberries on top.  It means my grandmother’s china and silver and candles.  Most of all, it means resting, laughing, talking, telling old family stories, and delving into discussions about everything from quantum physics to biblical exegesis.  Mom, Dad, and Aunt June were a delight to have with us, and certainly added to the conversation.  After a week of fasting and lengthy liturgies, it was cathartic to cut loose and celebrate.  I would not take anything for my family–my mom, dad, aunt, husband, children, and all my extended family with whom I was not able to be yesterday.  And I would not take anything for the Catholic liturgical year, and the Triduum which is its crowning jewel.