A Blessed Easter

    We had such a blessed Easter.  After a long Lent of fasting, we had a wonderful feast, replete with lamb, ham, and cheesecake.  The best part was how personal it was.  We had a wonderful exchange with Dad, whom I declared participates in the Divine attribute of the Resurrection.  Dad helps people’s relationships “resurrect” from the dead and find new life.  God makes all things new.  Dad helps people make their marriages new.  I think that is amazing, and part of God’s work.  Dad was very touched.
    The Mom asked me to tell her how my writing is going, and she asked me to explain it all to Uncle David, who did not know much about my project.  I gave an overview of the past 7 years, how God has lead me, asked me to wait, given me a baby, and has taught me many things so far about trusting Him and letting it be God’s initiative and work.  Both Mom and Uncle David were so validating, and really heard me.
    It was a true blessing to exchange on that level, and have such a rich, holy time.
    I wonder what the banqueting table in heaven will be like.  Perhaps something like that.