Yesterday, we took our dog, Charlie, to get neutered.  Poor guy!  We were all feeling sorry for him, and talking about him at dinner.
   I was not all that hungry, so I just had a small bowl of pistachios while the rest of the family was eating lasagna.  Sebastian demanded to have some of my pistachios.  Then Annie begged for some of my pistachios.  Then Leigh found the whole bag and plopped it on the dinner table.  The family was cracking away at the pistachios as we talked.
    Sebastian started to cry, and he showed me has fingernail which broke (probably due to opening the pistachios).  Clare got her fingernail clippers and brought them to us.  I cut Sebastian’s hanging fingernail. Then, while I was at it, I cut all his nails.
   Our family continued to eat and talk, and I was in the middle of a big story when the kids pointed at Sebastian.  I stopped, looked at him, and he was trying to clip the pistachios with the fingernail clippers.
   Ron said, “Don’t clip your nuts!  Only Charlie is getting his nuts clipped today!” We laughed till we cried.  A nice way to end the day (unless you’re Charlie).